Graduate Students

Sarah Framnes-DeBoer

Sarah Framnes-DeBoer graduated from Marquette with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. She pursued a career with the Department of Veteran Affairs at the VA Hospital in Milwaukee where she realized that she wanted to be more involved and joined the Navy Reserves. It was during a Navy Reserve training event that she realized wanted to go back to school and applied to come back to Marquette for a doctoral degree in Biology. Sarah Framnes-DeBoer is currently a graduate student at Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) studying research topics related to neuroscience, sleep, circadian rhythms, obesity, and diabetes.

Sarah’s Current CurriculumĀ Vitae

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones graduated in 2018 from Augustana College (Rock Island, IL) with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. After graduating with a research background in Cancer Biology, he applied for doctoral programs in Biology throughout the Midwest. Aaron now attends Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) as a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Deanna Arble. Currently, he is studying research topics related to neuroscience, photoperiod, obese physiology, and ventilatory drive. 

Aaron’s Current Curriculum Vitae